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        I've spent more than 30 years in network television working on cushy sets...20-plus of them in LA -- including series regular roles in primetime & contract roles in daytime -- and most recently guested in two episodes of NBC's The Blacklist in NY. But what most people don't know is that after graduating from Southern Illinois University (also the alma mater of comedy mavens Melissa McCarthy and Hannibal Buress) with concentrations in theater & journalism, and training at the prestigious Negro Ensemble Company with Laurence Fishburne and Robert Townsend as classmates...

TV& FILM FAN  FAVORITES: (l-r) Edge of Night; Class Act; Sunset Beach; First & 10; The Royal Family; The Wiz   


     ...I got my show biz start on the gritty streets of New York City doing bawdy sketch comedy and political satire with Off-Centre Theatre on a pull-down stage off the side of a seen-better-days moving van with a baby on my hip, and touring the country with the Boston improv troupe, The Proposition. 

        More than 30 years later, I've not only maintained my comedy chops, I've expanded them into Standup...and made inroads with Millenials in my new improv comedy web series, "TALK TO ME, GINGER!"

              As a working mom, I developed a penchant for television...better pay and more regular hours. Now an empty-nester, I'm galavanting into comedy clubs and cabaret stages again as my performance art character "Ginger Peechee-Keane, Adult Sex-Ed Evangelist & Mojo Motivator" in my solo show, "OCCUPY YOUR VAGINA!"  What can I say? Once a hippie-chick, ALWAYS a hippie-chick...but this time with better jewelry. 

Ginger is now "in session" in the BOOTLEGGED WEB SERIES of her purloined session tapes!



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Ginger Peechee-Keane LIVE!!! -- a HIT at the 2014 NOLA Fringe & 2015 Chicago Fringe!
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Mariann's Mission Statement

         Comedy or drama, thought-provoking or escapist objective remains the same: creating characters that audiences can identify with and telling a good story. Borrowing from sports parlance, my performance philosophy is: Go deep (emotionally) go long (unafraid to look foolish) or go home. (No sexual innuendo intended)

        I've been developing the character of "Ginger" in cabaret, sketch, improv and theater productions since 2005.  In 2013, I was selected to workshop my solo show, Occupy Your Vagina! at NYC's Dixon Place, the Tony-Award winning incubator for cutting-edge theater. John Leguizamo, Alan Cumming and BD Wong honed their solo shows there.  
        In addition to the Talk To Me, Ginger! web series, plans are in the works for a live performance DVD of Occupy Your Vagina! along with an eponymous self-help book authored by Ginger Peechee-Keane.  Stay tuned...


"Even our jaded Aussie bartender in the DP Lounge said 'she's something special'...and he never gets excited about anything."

Ellie Covan - Artistic Director, DIXON PLACE