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Steve Caper's
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Sharing the Stage with
Brian Babylon

Hollywood Improv

Second City
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Ha, Ha's Cafe

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Beast Women
Greenhouse Theatre



Grace and I were on the same radiation treatment schedule.  When she heard about the Standup to Gynecological Cancer Fundraiser I was organizing, she told everybody she knew that "we have to support this...and we have to support HER.  She said my sister Kathy and I helped her make it through treatment by reminding her how to laugh again.  Sadly, on December 27, 2016, Grace lost her battle. She was a great lady...I got to see her in the hospital and in hospice, but this is how I want to remember her. "Goodnight, Gracie." <3  I made you laugh and you gave me strength...I promise to carry on.    



Lincoln Lodge

 With Josh Chicoine, CIMMFest Exec. Dir.

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At the BWExpo with famed director, Bill Duke.


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I'm in great company with some of today's funniest female comics "of a certain age," including Sandra Bernhard, Jennifer Coolidge, Marsha Warfield & Judy Gold...and I get the last word! Click below for the full article. 

DVD of my full length, 70-min. solo show now on sale! Click on photo below for audience testimonials!!!


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5/11/18 - Storytelling with THE KATES/Chicago (Headliner) 

5/8/18 "Hello No!" Video picked up by AARP Studios YouTube Channel



My AARP profile as an #AgeDisruptor hit the internet in September!  Click on the billboard below for the video...

8/2-5 at National Black Theatre Festival, Winston-Salem, NC -- ALL 4 SHOWS SOLD OUT!!!! Click on the article below o find out more!


10/1 -- MC for Kappa Alpha Psi Jazz & Comedy Brunch

9/17 -- Opened for Matt Damon Improv @ The Annoyance Theater 

9/6 -- Weirdos Welcome Podcast with Elizabeth Cambridge

8/21 -- Performing @ Zanies, Chicago with the Female Funnies 

6/4 -- Opening for the fabulous jazz songstress, Barbara Morrison in Glendale, CA

6/3 -- Two shows back at Flappers in Burbank, CA

5/10 -- Back co-hostng with Art "Chat Daddy" Sims on WVON & I (HEART) Radio

4/29 -- Standup with THE KATES @ The Revival Comedy Club in Hyde Park. Click on logo for video!


Moderating a "Women in Film Today" panel at SAG-AFTRA, Chicago 


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a snippet of my 3-hour guest hosting gig with Art "Chat Daddy" Sims on WVON &  on 1/31/17

and to hear the EON reunion podcast organized by the fans on 1/29/17  

(As a point of interest, there's a 35 year age difference between me in the picture on the left and the one on the right. Yep, BabyBoomers rock!!!)



On the air with Matt Brown! - 1/24/17


Waiting to go onstage for a Planned Parenthood Fundraiser with Yas Queen!  - 1/30/17



1/3/17 @ ZANIES-ROSEMONT -- Click  on the mic below for video



With the FEMALE FUNNIES @ Zanies-Chicago, 12/19/16
"Ginger Peechee-Keane" was back! @ Chicago's Catalyst Ranch post-election show.
When I came offstage from doing my set on beating uterine cancer at the 2016 Burbank Comedy Festival
a server handed me this note from one of the other comics performing that night.
Yes, Laughter can heal...inspire...provoke change...and change lives.
That's why I do what I do and am so committed to it.
What? Too schmaltzy?  Too bad!  LOL 

Thanks to my comedy cohorts above (L-R) Hermine Wise, Jenny Epstein & Jenny Herzberg 

who gave their time & talent to help me Standup to Gynecological Cancer!...and to my sister, Kathy Coley (pictured right) a fellow survivor and SitMyAssDown Comedy producer who helped me pull off this event with Vicki Weis of Faye's Light Cancer Care Ctr. & Rose Demko of Her Closet Boutique. 

With my M.O.I.S.T! collaborator, Iona Morris; Penny Johnson-Jerrald (Castle) & Blogger Cynthia Perello...
my LA crew came out to support! ;-)
May 16, Stage 773
Click below for my interview with Joshua Scarver about show biz survival!
 SOLD OUT show at the 2015 Chicago Fringe Festival!
Mentoring with Common's youth organization...Glory!!! -- June 20, 2015
with Creative Cypher CEO Troy Pryor & comedian Jay Washington
Click below to read the entire 3-page article in the May 3, 2015 issue!
More Soap Opera Digest articles!  Because even though  the soaps I was on  (EDGE OF NIGHT, SUNSET BEACH & THE GUIDING LIGHT) have been off the air for years, I  was one of the most prominent African-American actors in daytime in daytime history...and I'm still acting!  So SOD keeps up with whatever I'm doing.

"Your Network Is Your Net Worth" Panel - April 19, 2015
L-R: Emile Cambry, Ranadeb Choudhury, Mel Jackson, Troy Pryor, Mariann Aalda & Akisha Lockhart
Black Women's Expo "Diversity in TV & Film" Panel - March 29, 2015
L-R, SEATED: Patti Gill, Michelle Hayes, David Leonard, Mariann Aalda, Britany Rickett,
Cherise & D'shaun Ragland. STANDING: Loy Webb & Craig Harris
Chicago Screenwriters Panel - February 8, 2015
With Talk To Me, Ginger! Editor/DP, Logan Stone,
Composer Drew Edwards & Producer David Tarleton


FemCom Stand-up/Chicago
- Headliner/Battle Creek, MI - Performance Art/NYC

"Sexy and SAFE aren't mutually exclusive." - Click below for my POV 



"...New Foals or seasoned fillies, the beasts in this stable were nothing but thoroughbreds.  A surprising new addition to the Beast Women was recognizable film and television actress, Mariann Aalda, in the guise of her Ginger Peechee-Keane persona, a Sex-Ed evangelist. Aalda's sex-positive message and personable character gave the younger members of the audience new hope for the futures of their sex lives, and gave the older members of the audience a few new ideas of what to do after the show."



REVIEWS (Additional @

"Sexy, intelligent and fun, fun, fun...all us ladies of a certain age exit with smiles on our faces and in our hearts, knowing that our sexy selves were not gone...not by a long shot!"

" ...With their biting social commentary mixed with deeply personal introspection, Aalda and Morris rebuke our youth-obsessed culture, reminding the true connoisseur of sensuality that experience and virtuosity easily trump taut skin and gravitational fortitude...Calling their review at the Hayworth a sex-istential musical comedy, this gifted duo generates enough ebullient energy to light up a boulevard."


"...literary deftness...ticked and teased...the show makes its point -- sex may be good when you're young, but it's great when you're older -- with humorous conviction."'




"...Aalda is a recent divorcee who comes across as a perkily libidinous Mary Tyler Moore...galvanic moments...particularly Aalda, who is the most engaging."'

"...hammily hilarious, Aalda is a randy Donna Reed.'

" proof to ad execs everywhere that sex, really good sex, has no age limits. Who do you think invented the bump and grind, anyway?"

  "...heats up Hollywood in a bawdy, sexistential romp at the Acme Comedy Theater"

", sensuous and witty...perhaps the best revenge against a biased Hollywood is success on stage."



"...Why, Mr. Lumet, it's called acting...that's what it's all about, isn't it?"